VOLUNTARY WORK - Inspiring the Future

I am one of the volunteers who goes into schools - INSPIRING THE FUTURE

I talk about 'MY JOB' what I do. The picture above shows Bill Turnbull who  interviewed me when preparing the flowers for the Richard III Reinternment of Remains at Leicester Cathedral. 

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QEST - Supporting Excellence in British Craftmanship

I volunteer as a Skills Assessor, this involves working with the Team from QEST and also assessing applications for a QEST Scholarship or an Apprenticeship award.

This is very rewarding and enlightening, for more information please use the link to the website below


The Royal Warrant Holders Association Charity Fund - I applied for a grant from the charity fund. This was for support for the Epilepsy Association, the charity fund awarded £1,000 of which the Epilepsy Association were absolutely thrilled and appreciated. Very dear to my heart as I suffer from Epilepsy. 


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